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Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab & Co. are the custodians of choice for clients' assets. WaterStone Investment Counsel, LLC manages the investments while Fidelity and Schwab will custody the assets. Both custodial firms custody hundreds of billions of dollars in total brokerage assets. Their experience in holding large volumes of investment assets has resulted in the development of extensive safeguards to ensure the protection of the assets of WaterStone's clients.

​Both custodians provide, at no charge to the client, two principal forms of asset protection: insurance from Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and private supplemental coverage. SIPC is a non-profit membership corporation funded by members of the brokerage industry. Its purpose is to protect the client in the unlikely possibility that the custodian should fail financially. SIPC coverage applies to cash and all securities registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Fidelity and Schwab have arranged for private coverage to supplement SIPC protection at no charge to the client.