Investment Management - We are available to help you implement a new investment plan, or manage an existing portfolio, with the intent of achieving your stated investment objectives. We focus on managing risk through the creation of an appropriately diversified portfolio and using investments that match your personal risk tolerance. 

​Investment Approach - We create and manage portfolios of individual stocks, bonds, and exchange traded funds (ETF's). Your portfolio will be managed by seasoned investment professionals.

Investment Portfolio Review - Following the implementation of an investment plan, we continue to actively monitor your portfolio, keeping it in line with your stated investment objectives. We continue to actively monitor your portfolio so that it aligns with your stated investment objectives. We welcome your input and encourage you to keep us informed about any changes that may require an adjustment to your investment portfolio.


Whether retirement is in the near future or longer term, we can offer ways to help you maximize your savings to achieve your goals. We can evaluate and assess your existing retirement accounts - pensions, IRA's, SEP's, 401(k), annuities - and provide advice to try to maximize income from these accounts upon retirement. We can also help reposition investments held in these accounts to allow for proper diversification across your entire portfolio. If retirement is much closer, we can help you determine the most effective strategies for taking distributions from your retirement accounts that may help to generate a steady income stream during your retirement years.


Our access to the institutional capital markets helps provide efficiency to our trading activities. Our streamlined service ensures a high level of quality for the execution of our stock and bond trades. We utilize block trades to help ensure that you are getting the best available price.


Our goal in tax planning is to arrange your assets so as to minimize your taxes. Some areas that we can help you address are:
-  IRA and 401(k) distributions
-  IRA Required Minimum Distributions

 - traditional and Roth IRA rollovers
-  pension and annuity income
-  taxation of social security benefits
​-  estate taxes


No matter what your net worth, it is important to have, at a minimum, a basic estate plan in place. Some areas of estate planning that may need to be addressed are:
-  properly titling assets
-  wills
-  living wills
-  revocable trusts

-  irrevocable trusts
-  power of attorney
​-  gifting
​-  wealth transfer


Insurance can be an important part of a client's total financial health. It protects against catastrophic events and can also effectively be used for tax planning. Insurance can provide tax deferred growth, lifetime income, and principal protection. Some areas that we can help you address are:
-  life insurance needs
-  long-term care needs
-  second-to-die policies
-  succession planning
​-  annuity and lifetime income